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The Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider – How to Speed up WordPress

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The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

Are you looking for the fastest WordPress hosting provider, or just a way to speed up WordPress?  It all starts with the hosting provider.  While many hosting companies claim that they offer WordPress optimized hosting option, most are still not focused on this ever expanding market.  Content management websites built on platforms such as WordPress require additional resources in order to provide the speed and security we are used to seeing on the web.  WPEngine is the first hosting providing 100% dedicated to providing the best possible hosting.  The result is a providing capable of providing advanced support, and increased performance for all users.  If you are an experienced WordPress developer, you should have no problem setting up your website on a content delivery network such as Cloudflare, but for others who are a bit less techie, WPEngine will provide you all of the support needed to load your content ridiculously fast.

Premium Expert Managed – Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider

Right of the hop, you will notice that WPEngine is not the cheapest solution out there, but it is the fastest WordPress hosting available.  At $24/month, some WordPress users will not see the benefit in upgrading to a premium WordPress hosting service.  Others however, want to make sure there website is performing at it’s very best, and will be happy to pay $24 / month in order to have the peace of mind that their website is safe, secure, fast, and always online.  Do some testing for yourself and you will surely notice the increase in performance on your WordPress website.

Speed up WordPress with our baked in CDN, super fast servers and amazing up-time.

Expert WordPress Hosting Assistance to Improve What’s Already the Fastest WordPress Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting

Most hosting companies provide great technical support for there service.  The problem is, not all employees at a company will be completely comfortable with WordPress.  I have worked with MediaTemple for years, and often times they will not be able to help me with an issue that occurs with a particular theme (not to mention they are not nearly the fastest WordPress hosting provider).  Sure enough, a Google search will come up with some helpful results.  Why couldn’t MediaTemple help me?  Because they are not working in WordPress on a daily basis.  In order to get the WordPress support most amateur and professional bloggers require, you need to work with a company that knows WordPress inside-out.  As an additional bonus, if you have a problem that has nothing to do with hosting, there is a great chance they will be able to help you out.

Concerned About Your WordPress Hosting Being Hacked?

Not only do they claim to be the fastest WordPress hosting available, but WPEngine will automatically scan for any anomolies in your WordPress theme, plugins and core installation.  We all know that if that hacking can occur no matter what type of security is in place, but unlike any other company I have hosted with before, WPEngine will fix your website if it ever gets hacked.  Best of all, you don’t need to tell your hosting provider that you have been hacked, they will know before you do.

Free or Low Cost WordPress Migration Services

A lot of website owners would love to upgrade there hosting provider to the fastest WordPress hosting, but the thought of all the work simple can make you cringe.  WPEngine will help you migrate your site, so you don’t need to worry about losing any of your valuable content.  This includes all text, files, images and database.  Once you are all setup on WPEngine, you will never have to worry about a backup again.  Unlike normal hosting providers, WPEngine understands the importance of backing up a content management system, and they take care of this tedious task for your each month.

Test Page Deployment Features

Sure website owners can simply create a draft for pages that are a work in progress, and this has nothing to do with hosting, but developers constantly struggle when trying to make adjustments to templates or styles in a theme.  A common thing to do is setup a local testing environment (or a testing environment on another hosting location), so that any errors that occur on the site during testing are not visible to visitors.  WPEngine has built in features which allow developers to do theme testing on a live setup, without putting at risk the integrity of the entire website.

Forget Submitting Tickets, Get Used to 24 Hour WordPress Hosting Support

Even when using some of the worlds fastest WordPress hosting providers, downtime can’t be avoided.  Any time I have had issues with hosting providers I have been forced to either fill out a “submit a ticket” form, or contact them via a live chat.  While I do find these live chats quite useful, sometimes I need to sign on and off again until I can find someone who is actually able to help me with my problem.  Hosting assistance from other companies for me has been inconsistent to say the least.

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  • Lorenzo C.

    I use WP Engine as well. They have excellent support! Often times when I have a question, they reply back within minutes of opening a support ticket through the WP Engine Help Desk.

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