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The Best Small Business Accounting Software 2013 – Cloud Accounting

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The Best Small Business Accounting Software Available.

Try it, and never look at Quickbooks again.

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A quality small business accountant, and/or the best small business accounting software, is vital for any small business to succeed.  As a small business, our team has found that Quickbooks, the industry standard small business accounting software, has not evolved with many of the needs required to make it the best option for today’s small businesses.  While creating invoices, expense reports, statements, and balancing of books is still necessary for small businesses, there are features today which can help make all of this easier, in the end saving you valuable time.  With the advancements in cloud technology, there is now better small business accounting software available which will not only balance your books, but also include several other features which are common in today’s small business world.  Here are just a few:

Allows for Team Time-Tracking and Converting Those Hours into an Invoice

Best Small Business Accounting Software

There are several great project management tools available which allow for time-tracking which are reasonably priced for small businesses.  Programs like Basecamp allow small business teams to collaborate online with clients, as well as allowing employees to track all hours for internal use only.  Our company has been using Basecamp for years, which is why we were excited to learn that Freshbooks easily integrates with Basecamp.  This allows us to utilize this amazing project management system which now seamlessly integrates with our favorite small businesses accounting software.

Import & Categorize Expenses Easily

Expense reports suck and take up valuable time.  This is always one of those tasks that continues to end up at the bottom of the do list month after month.  I haven’t heard many small business owners say they enjoy dealing with expenses and balancing books.  One of the things that makes Freshbooks the best accounting software is that for the first time, I can honestly say it really wasn’t that painful.  Importing expenses from a CSV was extremely easy, and additionally automatically categorized many of the common expenses into exactly where I wanted it to go.

Accept Payments Online

Lets face it, even if you aren’t providing online services like My Media Magnet, a ton of small business these days is happening on the web.  It’s far more convenient for many people to simply go online and pay a bill, and have your small business accounting software automatically track the payment rather than having the client writing a check and dropping it in the mail.  Keep in mind that there will be roughly a 3% fee on most online payment solutions.  Our team has found that this fee is easily worth the added benefits which is provided to our clients through this small business accounting software.

Online Small Business Accounting Software – Accounting from Anywhere

Unlike Quickbooks, Freshbooks is an online cloud accounting software.  This means that no matter which computer you are on, you can log in and take care of some basic, or major accounting.  Most people will end up setting up Quickbooks on their primary computer in their office.  For many small business owners however, much of the day can already be spent in the office, and working hours are working hours.  Being able to take your work to a new environment can be a luxury which many small business owners are not aware of.  If that’s not enough, you will no longer have to worry about having your accountant use LogMeIn in order to help with end of year accounting when you can simply provide them a username and password to the online account.

In the end, even if you don’t choose to use Freshbooks as your small business accounting software, keep in mind that there are lots of new great pieces of cloud accounting software which can provide many small business owners many advantages over the traditional, “industry standard” options.  Make sure to do a quick search and find the best small business accounting software, suited for your companies individual needs.  You are bound to find an accounting software tailored for your company.

Click here for a 30 Day Free Trial

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  • Mary Marling

    Sounds interesting. Is it possible for people with Mac and PC to access the same account?

    • Troy Jaggard

      Absolutely, as long as you can access the internet it should be both Mac and PC compatible.

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